[White Paper]

Why Successful Companies Webcast their CEO Town Halls

It’s hard to imagine another time when the corporate workplace has undergone such dramatic changes as those brought on by theCovid-19 pandemic. Amidst this sea change, video communications became the corporate lifeline – keeping leaders connected with remote employees and enabling knowledge workers to maintain an exceptional level of productivity.

Two-plus years into this trend, however, and the expectations for video communications have changed. The companies that are ahead of the pack have not only embraced the realities of their hybrid workforce, but also, invested in advanced communications technologies that can better engage and stimulate their remote and hybrid workers.

Download this white paper, and you’ll learn:

  • The top reasons why CEOs of the world’s most successful companies are using webcasting, instead of meeting technology, for their company-wide communications;
  • The results CEOs achieve when they use high-quality, high-production webcasts to connect with globally dispersed and hybrid workforces;
  • How they customize company-wide webcasts to reflect their corporate brand attributes and enhance corporate culture and inclusion.