[White Paper]

Webcasting vs. Webconferencing

Most companies looking to host multimedia presentations face a choice between web conferencing and webcasting. These two technologies seem fundamentally similar, but they actually serve quite different needs.

Web conferencing software enables groups of people (usually less than 50 people) to collaborate in real-time, whereas webcasting is meant for one-to-many presentations to much larger online audiences. Essentially, Web conferencing is for meetings while webcasting tools are for events.

Download this white paper and you’ll learn:

  • Why the low-latency nature of webconferencing is best for real-time interaction, while only streaming webcasts can achieve mass audience broadcasts via their use of HTTP and buffering;
  • How streaming webcasts support rich media elements and audience interaction that enable organizations to create custom-branded experiences;
  • How streaming webcasts allow event producers to measure the quality experienced by each viewer, as well as gauge audience reactions to the material presented.