css MediaPlatform White Paper: The Role of Video in the Digital Workplace

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How to Actively Engage Employees during Live Meetings

There are many definitions for the increasingly popular term digital workplace. To some, it simply means the use of technology in a corporate setting; to others it means an intranet.

Former Gartner Analyst David M. Smith and Founder of InFlow Analysis sat down with MediaPlatform CEO Mike Newman to discuss the role of video in the workplace. With over 20 years of experience in the collaboration and workplace technology markets, David has helped thousands of enterprises with their initiatives to improve employee engagement and productivity.

Key collaboration technologies in today’s workplace include everything from an enterprise YouTube to chat and internal communication tools. What really sets the digital workplace apart, however, is the emphasis on how these components come together to benefit the quality of work generated by the employee.

Through consumer products, we’ve received insight regarding how employees want to work, and how best they engage with each other. It’s not surprising then that the digital workplace is a reflection of how workers use technology in their personal lives. Read this white paper to learn:

  • The ways video aligns people and technology to improve business outcomes

  • The role of video in unified communications and collaboration (UCC)

  • How video improves employee engagement and productivity