css MediaPlatform White Paper: How to Produce a Stellar Town Hall Webcast

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How to Produce a Stellar Town Hall Webcast

The CEO Town Hall has become an important component of the internal communications strategy at many companies and a key way to deliver interactive executive messaging.

Town halls are meant to rally the troops, not put your workforce to sleep. There’s no excuse for hosting a dull all-hands meeting—regardless of whether your workforce attends in person or online. In a time of unlimited distractions, it’s more important than ever to engage your employees.

Download this free guide from Ragan Communications and MediaPlatform to learn:

  • How to make town halls an opportunity to build messaging, share news, and rally the troops
  • What a guest speaker can bring to your town hall
  • How to involve your audience, both in the room and webcast
  • How to feature employees (They’ll love you for it.)
  • Why that webcast town hall of yours was so stiff and clunky—and what you can do about