css MediaPlatform White Paper: How to Prep Your Execs to Speak in Front of Employees

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How to Prep Your Execs to Speak in Front of Employees

Senior corporate leaders across all industries are embracing video, especially CEO webcasting for its wide reach and ability to convey authenticity. Now the question is: How do you prep executives to speak in front of employees?

In the past, employees in other cities or in remote offices around the globe relied on in-person meetings, emails or the grapevine to learn about those major announcements.

Misunderstandings abounded. Leaders seemed distant and less human. Communicators longed for a more authentic way of reaching employees companywide—even worldwide.

Even if your exes are shy about live streaming, there’s no avoiding video anymore. Employees carry around mobile devices that can be, and are being, used for live broadcasting. Like it or not, executives must prepare. The good news is that video is a great way to reach employees, whether they’re telecommuting from across town or working in your Hong Kong office.

How do you make video—whether prerecorded or live—a rewarding experience, for those filling the seats in the room and for an online audience? Read this informative guide to find out.