css MediaPlatform White Paper: Evaluating Enterprise Video Solutions for Internal Communications

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Evaluating Enterprise Video Solutions for Internal Communications

When evaluating video solutions for internal communications, understanding which product or products best fit the set of use cases an organization wishes to address can often be difficult.

To provide some clarity, we created this white paper to help members of the communications and IT departments more easily determine the category of video platform most suitable for their needs.

If you are planning a transition from audio and slide town halls to interactive video webcasts or need a solution to deliver video without disrupting traffic on your internal networks, download this paper to learn:

  • The four main categories of enterprise video solutions

  • Why network optimization capabilities are a must-have feature for streaming video behind the firewall

  • The importance of a single solution for managing all corporate video content

  • How Quality of Experience (QoE) dashboards can provide real-time troubleshooting during company-wide broadcasts