Multicast in a Flash-free World

The date is set, and Flash's end of life is a reality. Yet, many companies are still using outdated Windows Media and Adobe technologies because the multicast protocol is still the most efficient, scalable, and predictable option to reach hundreds of thousands of employees at once. So what if you could use the infrastructure you already own to deliver pristine, HD-quality video webcasts securely across your enterprise? 

In this webinar we will discuss: 

  • When you need to make the switch from Flash – and when it will be too late

  • Strategies to leverage your existing investments for automated and fault-tolerant HTML5 video webcasting

  • How Ramp and MediaPlatform's integrated technologies can work for you and your enterprise

  • You'll also hear real-world success stories about companies using MediaPlatform and Ramp to stream internal live events using Cisco and other vendors' infrastructures.