css MediaPlatform Webinar: Top 10 Video Encoding Mistakes in the Enterprise


Top 10 Video Encoding Mistakes in the Enterprise

Live webcasting and on-demand video allow your organization to leverage the power of streaming media to improve CEO Town halls and other internal communications inside the globally dispersed enterprise, and reach customers, partners, and other parties over the Internet.

This webinar identifies the 10 most common planning, encoding, and implementation mistakes made by streaming producers to help ensure that you deliver the optimal quality webcast and on-demand video to all viewers on all devices, both inside and outside the firewall.

Jan Ozer of Streaming Media Magazine and Amzi Jackson of MediaPlatform have an in-depth discussion covering:

  • Static vs. dynamic encoding
  • How to avoid miscalculating streaming bitrates for live video
  • Properly configuring your encoding ladder for efficient delivery
  • Creating a custom encoding station for enterprise webcasting