MediaPlatform and Kollective Team on New Live Webcasting Offering MediaPlatform – the industry leader lauded by Gartner for behind-the-firewall massively scalable live webcasts and corporate YouTube – and Kollective, a leading enterprise content delivery network (eCDN)– have integrated their technologies to bring you the best of their offerings.

Watch this free webinar where we discuss:

  • How MediaPlatform and Kollective’s engineering teams collaborated to now make it possible to use Kollective peering with MediaPlatform’s reliable and redundant live webcasting platform 

  • How the combined solution includes a new, Kollective failover option from HLS to RTMP to seamlessly transition viewers to RTMP where HLS is not available 

  • The live and post-event analytics you can collect to show your executives how webcasts perform and how they are being received by audiences

  • How, and when, to add peering to your network to overcome bandwidth-challenged locations or subnets and cost-effectively use network resources sitting dormant but readily available.